Fintech Global Services Inc.

Mobile Banking Apps for Cashless Systems

Mobile Banking Freedom

Mobile Banking Platform for Rural, Disabled, Freelance,
Low-Income & Non-Banked Riders.
Our mobile apps are integrated with NFC tap and go technologies
to access cashless bus and train systems.

Ideal for Students.

Custom platform solutions for Agriculture, Gaming, Tourism, 
Recreation and Service Industries.

Why Fintech Global Services?

Reach New Markets

Currently in the U.S. 78 million people work freelance, part-time or have a 2nd job to make ends meet.  Nearly 20% of this group, 14.1 million people do not have regular access to a bank account or local banking services.  The combined spending power of freelance and unbanked workers is roughly $15 billion dollars annually.

Global Networks

Unlike other Software as a Service (SaaS) our mobile banking platform offers multiple revenue streams including Monthly Subscription Fees, Advertising and Transactions fees from global mobile money transactions. Our wallets convert currency based on the User's preferences.

Industry Solutions

The FGS mobile banking platform is built for scale.  We incorporate the latest cyber-security, encryption and mobile technologies for ease of use in public transportation and cashless networks.  We build custom solutions for entertainment, travel, education,  employer and social service networks. 

Mobile Security

Our mobile wallets offer digital security for low-income, disabled, rural and unbanked users.  

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